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A podcast in Telugu about technology, programming, music, movies, life in the Bay Area and other stuff.

Nov 22, 2018

  • Our 50th episode! 🎉#TB50
  • Ram Charan and NTR come together for #RRR with Rajamouli
  • Ram Charan & Sukumar's Rangasthalam - our review
    • Performances
    • Suku'mark' scenes
    • Other departments
  • NTR & Trivikram's Aravinda Sametha - our review
    • Performances
    • Trivikram finally gets (almost) everything right
    • Other...

Oct 14, 2018

Praveen and Dhruv get together to talk about the state of Indian cricket in 2018, review recent tours and player performances and look forward to World Cup 2019.

  • Ongoing India-WI series
  • End of the road for Vijay and Dhawan?
  • The Karun Nair conundrum
  • The golden age of Indian fast bowlers
  • Why is Ravi Shastri still...

Oct 6, 2018

Aravind and Ravi couldn't wait to get their thoughts in about their latest favorite Telugu movie


  1. We think you will be able to enjoy this episode irrespective of if you watched the movie or not. But you still want to be make sure you have all the context, here is the amazon prime link.
  2. All the discussion &...

Sep 23, 2018

Dhruv goes over everything that happened in the Apple world since he & Ravi got together in 2017.

  •  iOS 12
  • WatchOS 5
  • Mojave
  • iPhone X/Xs/Xr
  • HomePod
  • New Macs
  • Watch Series 4

Aug 5, 2018

It took another season of Bigg Boss for Praveen and Ravi to come back from hiding!

After almost an year since they did they a quick recap of Bigg Boss 1, Ravi and Praveen get together to discuss about Bigg Boss 2.