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A podcast in Telugu about technology, programming, music, movies, life in the Bay Area and other stuff.

Mar 7, 2016

In this episode, Dhruv, Praveen & Aravind get together & chat about their cricketing memories, favorite matches, upcoming T20 cricket world cup in India, current Indian team & their chances, and players around the world to watch out.


  • Playing Cricket and my Eternal Damnation by...

Mar 1, 2016

On our 25th episode, Ravi and Dhruv look back at what went well and what didn't.

  • Flashback
  • Looking back at the flashback
  • Inception
  • Our Frequency
  • Inspirations and lessons learnt from them
  • State of podcasting in India and future
  • Our strengths
  • Our new strategy
  • Introducing our new hosts
  • What didn't go well
    • Q & A...