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A podcast in Telugu about technology, programming, music, movies, life in the Bay Area and other stuff.

Sep 4, 2020

Maha, the director of Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya joins us (yes!) to do a deep-dive into the making of UMUR.

We talk about:

  • The plot points that interested us
  • Our questions about the film
  • Working with the cast and technicians
  • Sound Design and Mixing
  • Theatrical experience vs. OTT
  • Reviews, Criticism and Memes
  • The...

Aug 20, 2020

Dhruv and Aravind review Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya, Maha’s second film after the masterpiece Care of Kancherapalem.

  • Story
  • Changes from Original
  • Screenplay and characters
  • Performances
  • Cinematography, Editing, Production Design
  • Sound Design
  • Production and Direction

Sep 6, 2019

  • Themes explored in the film
  • Screenplay
  • Ending
  • Characters
  • Music and Background Score
  • Editing
  • Production design
  • Direction
  • Looking forward

Nov 22, 2018

  • Our 50th episode! 🎉#TB50
  • Ram Charan and NTR come together for #RRR with Rajamouli
  • Ram Charan & Sukumar's Rangasthalam - our review
    • Performances
    • Suku'mark' scenes
    • Other departments
  • NTR & Trivikram's Aravinda Sametha - our review
    • Performances
    • Trivikram finally gets (almost) everything right
    • Other...

Jul 31, 2018

In this special episode, Dhruv interviews C R Hemanth, a popular Telugu film critic who probably needs no introduction to our listeners. We at Telugu Bytes have always followed and admired Hemanth's reviews and his take on all things filmy.

  • Hemanth's days at BITS Pilani and introduction to film appreciation
  • The trip...