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A podcast in Telugu about technology, programming, music, movies, life in the Bay Area and other stuff.

Oct 8, 2023

On the eve of India's opening match, Praveen, Aravind and Dhruv do a curtainraiser episode. We talk the tournament's timing, dew factor, thoughts on each squad, Team India team combinations and predictions. Enjoy!

  • Lack of buzz - IPL and cricket overload?
  • Organization of the tournament - BCCI & ICC
  • Dew factor - playing in Oct/Nov in India
  • Round robin format - pros and cons
  • Squads - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Sri Lanka
  • South Africa at 6
  • New Zealand at 5
  • Pakistan at 4
  • Australia at 3
  • England at 2
  • India at 1
  • Team India combinations
  • Our predictions